Getting Started

Parent Education

Why Parent Education?

For the sake of the child! The Suzuki approach involves the parent as the home teacher. When the parent is aware of his duties to best support his child toward talent developments, the child is more likely to experience success. Talent developments are created over a long period of time. The Parent Education courses are designed to promote clear communication among teacher and parent. This encourages a long-term relationship among the adults, which in the end, benefits the child.

Continuous parent educational opportunities are provided in this studio. Introduction to this studio begins with an initial required parent course, followed by an optional parent note-reading/theory course, and subsequent programs offered by guest speakers.

Initial Parent Education Courses

Parent Education Course 1

Necessary Materials

  1. CD of the Suzuki Piano School Volume One, New International Edition (Seizo Azuma performs)
  2. Music Book of the Suzuki Piano School Volume One, New International Edition
  3. Reading books: "Nurtured by Love, The Classic Approach to Talent Education" and "Ability Development From Age Zero," Shinichi Suzuki, author
  4. Parent Education Workbook, Jeanne Luedke, author

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