Studio Foundation

Studio Policies

  1. Lessons for the student begin only after the parent graduates from the Parent Education Course
  2. Advance tuition payments (post-dated monthly checks for the entire semester) are due in advance of the first lesson for each semester. OR IF tuition payment is made in full in advance, tuition rate is reduced. Either practice demonstrates student commitment for the duration of the semester. Violation is sufficient cause for permanent dismissal
  3. Student must have an acoustic (not electric) piano in good repair at home. Position the piano where student will be encouraged to practice. Placing the piano near a sleeping baby's room, computer, or TV can be discouraging and distracting
  4. Lessons are scheduled in three sessions: Fall: September-December, Winter/Spring: January-May, Summer: June-August.
  5. Lesson Attendance consists of weekly individual lessons.All new or beginning students have one group lesson per month.
  6. Lesson Ettiquette: This time is reserved each week for you. Please do not schedule other activities or appointments during your lesson time. Please arrive on time; avoid arriving too early or late. Bring all necessary materials to lessons and recitals
  7. Cancellation of Lessons: Notify the teacher as soon as you are aware a lesson will be missed. Missed lessons will not be re-scheduled or added at any other time during the year, with the exception of inclement weather or funerals. If the teacher must cancel lessons for any reason, those lessons will be made up at the end of the semester
  8. Please do not schedule other activities during scheduled recitals! You will be given ample notice of recital dates. It is expected parents mark their calendars and save the date. It’s expected that parents will make EVERY EFFORT to bring students to all recitals and other performance opportunities. Please do not leave recitals early. One of the greatest value in attending studio recitals is to become motivated to practice and improve performance skills
  9. Families with siblings ages 3 and under are required to find a sitter during the lessons. The parent and the student are then able to devote lesson time to learning
  10. Parents must supervise their children at all times. Children are not welcome to roam the home. Siblings ages 4 and older may attend the lessons to observe, but only if they do not disrupt the lesson. Teach the children to be respectful of the home/family members and remain close to parent for adequate supervision and personal safety. Children are not permitted on the staircase at any time
  11. It is the responsibility of the parent to return all borrowed items from the studio and to replace any damages due to accidents or lost items
  12. Please park clear from mailbox, particularly if your lesson is scheduled in the mornings, when mail is delivered
  13. Upon signing Enrollment Form, studio families agree to release "Suzuki Piano Basics of Mansfield" of all liability incurred while in the studio
  14. If parents or students do not comply with the above mentioned studio requirements, instructor reserves the right to refuse or terminate enrollment