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Suzuki Benefits

Benefits of the Suzuki Method

Advantages of an Early Start

  1. It is easier to guide a child when they are humble, teachable and are not yet needing to assert their independence. The earlier the talent development habits are introduced into the family routine, the more acceptable it is to them.
  2. Skills involving coordination should begin when young and moldable. A younger child has fewer inhibitions and tensions, and is less set in the ways she uses her muscles.
  3. An early start gives an opportunity for early competence which promotes self-confidence among peers. (Several of my older students offer piano lessons to younger students, which helps pay for their college expenses. They are able to command greater income compared to their counterparts who are employed at minimum wage jobs.)
  4. Eventually, other activities will compete for the child's interest. The early start gives the youngster good music-making experiences to weigh in the balance when deciding his priorities.
  5. Piano lessons offer more than just playing a tune. It teaches life skills such as patience and responsibility. Also, recent research studies by neuroscientists and EEG results reveal that stimulating the eye-hand motor coordination at a young age affects the development of the brain, which results in the child's ability to perform better in mathematics and other exalted subjects.