Parent Handbook


Do Fathers Get To Help?

YES! If any program is going to succeed, it must be supported entirely. Mothers alone cannot give all the support needed. Dads needs to chip in and help out as their support makes a tremendous difference.

Reference: Marie C. Parkinson, "Mommy, Can We Practice Now?"

The home environment plays a major role in a student's success. Here is a basic list of things I've noted through the years:

  • If there is music in the air at home, the child develops a good ear.
  • If practicing takes place consistently without negative comments, the child enjoys the experience.
  • If there is praise for each new step, the child develops confidence.
  • If parents take the child to concerts and professional musical performances, the child sees role models to emulate.
  • If parents make the sacrifice to attend all of the student's recitals, the child sees that talent is a thing of importance.
  • Elaine Worley wrote the following selection called "Dads Make the Difference:"
  • Let your children listen to the recordings every day. Try saying, "Let's listen to your music today."
  • Request performances by the children frequently. Arrange home concerts, family get-togethers, or just one-to-one sharing.
  • Criticizing, threatening, or punishing in relation to performance or practice is ineffective.
  • Keep expectations reasonable in regard to length of practice. Often shorter, more frequent sessions, produce better results. Physical rewards are less effective than hugs, smiles, compliments and encouragement.
  • Express your sincere appreciation often for your child's efforts.
  • Reminding the child of the expense of the lessons or instruments causes feelings of guilt and never produces fine musicianship.
  • Avoid expressing in words or actions a dislike for practice, the CD playing, or music in general. Interested dads ask questions.
  • Support your spouse 100% in her efforts to assist the child. Insist on the child's cooperation. Assist them in their practices occasionally and support the instructor.
  • Whenever possible, attend recitals, concerts, or programs, even if you may not particularly enjoy them. It is a small sacrifice!
  • Express love often during music experiences so the child will love music.